Sydney's Ivy Nightclub Is The Most Violent Venue In New South Wales

Justin Hemmes and Lara Bingle


The Ivy — the hard-to-miss night club on George Street in the Sydney CBD — is the most violent venue in the state, according to figures released by the NSW government.

That means it has to stop serving shots and doubles and there can’t be glass containers after midnight.

It’s also got to impose a 2am lockout, meaning customers who leave may not re-enter and new customers may not be admitted, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Ivy boss Justin Hemmes though says in the article that statistically it’s one of the safest venues in NSW, as so many people go there.

“But we are determined to redouble our effort to make it safer and more secure,” he said.

There were 24 incidents recorded in the audit period. Hemmes said the club gets around 2 million visitors per year.

The next most violent venues were the Kent Hotel in Hamilton, a Newcastle suburb, and the Shore Club Hotel at Manly, which recorded 16 assaults each, according to Fairfax.

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