Sydney's Emergency Warning System Will Be Tested On Friday

Photo: Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

The monthly test of Sydney’s CBD emergency warning system will be conducted on Friday.

Police are advising the public not to be alarmed — this is a routine test.

“Those who reside, work or travel through the Sydney CBD need to be aware of the warning system, what it sounds like and what it is used for,” a spokesperson for NSW Police said.

“The system is in line with similar warning systems overseas where monthly tests are conducted to educate and remind the public of the existence of the warning system, and to ensure the system works.”

Tomorrow’s test will be conducted at selected sites within the Sydney CBD from 12.15pm.

There are 98 speakers located throughout the city, as well as 13 messaging signs which are positioned at transport hubs.

The warning system is usually tested on the last day of each month, however the December run through has been brought forward due to Christmas and Boxing Day being next week.

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