Sydney’s cyclists are twice as happy as other commuters

Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Cyclists are twice as happy as those who drive, walk or use public transport to get to work in Sydney, according to research from the University of Sydney.

The benefits to cyclists include the mental health benefits of being active outdoors, a greater control over and predictability of the commuting journey, a sense of fun and a way to save money.

“This may be why cycling commuters arrive for work in a happier mind frame than other commuters,” says Melanie Crane, who led the research.

The study of 846 inner city Sydney commuters shows that cyclists have better overall quality of life and health satisfactions.

The study is one of the first to investigate the relationship between quality of life and transport by comparing different travel modes.

According to Australian Bureau of Statistics from 2011, two-thirds of Sydney commuters use cars to get to work (62.6%), followed by public transport (22.8%), walking (4.7%) and cycling (0.9%).

The research is part of a three year investigation into changes in travel and health behaviours as a result of cycling infrastructure

The study was published in the international journal Quality of Life Research.

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