Sydney's Ambitious Plan For Public Transport Cards You Top Up Online Is Going To Have Some Real Problems

Brendon Thorne/Getty

Users of Sydney’s new Opal card will not be able to purchase or top-up their travel passes at most train stations, it has emerged.

Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian admitted this week there were no plans for existing Sydney Trains’ ticket windows or stations to sell Opal cards or recharge travel credit on an ongoing basis.

While you can currently register for an Opal card online or over the phone, temporary pop-up kiosks have begun selling cards at 28 of Sydney’s busiest stations, continuing until the end of September.

Cards and top-up facilities will eventually be available at retail outlets near public transport stations and terminals, however some of these outlets are inconveniently located and purchases on weekends may also be a concern due to trading hours.

The government will also stop selling most types of paper tickets at rail stations from September.

The Opal initiative is being introduced at a cost of $1.2 billion.

Find out more at Transport for NSW.

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