Sydney workers spend three weeks a year stuck in traffic

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All that time sitting in Sydney’s traffic is costing its workers nearly 6% of their salary.

Comparison site Global Positioning Specialists (GPS) used commute data from Numbeo and the TomTom Travel Index to calculate which city has the most frustrated, unproductive commuters.

Not surprisingly, it found Sydney is Australia’s worst city when it comes to time spent commuting. Workers lost three working weeks stuck in traffic in 2015, more than double the time lost to traffic in Adelaide (1.3 weeks).

Image: Global Positioning Specialists

Based on the average wage, that equates to $3,308.30 every year in lost productivity. Or, looking at it another way, over a working lifetime that’s about two and a half years of a life spent in traffic, unpaid, trying to get to work.

On a global scale, Sydney workers would have a better time negotiating traffic in Milan, Paris, Los Angeles or Sao Paulo. The city ranks 17th, wedged between London and Johannesburg when it comes to worst commute.

Top of that list are Mexico City’s workers, who lose the equivalent of 9.7% of their annual wage as a result of rush hour. They were stuck in a commute for a depressing 4.9 weeks a year.

Melbourne and Brisbane also made the world’s worst 50, at 44th and 49th position.

Image: Global Positioning Specialists

“People need to earn a living and I am sure this means many workers are getting up several hours early and getting home late to compensate for the hours lost behind the wheel,” GPS head Lucile Michaut said.

“Not only does congestion eat into people’s salaries and spare time, there must be very few more boring ways to spend the beginning and end of your day.”

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