SYDNEY TO HOBART: Wild Oats XI Continues To Lead But Comanche Is Closing In

Wild Oats Xi in the foreground, Comanche in the background. Photo: Brendon Thorne / Stringer.

Wild Oats XI has maintained her lead over American supermaxi Comanche overnight thanks to favourable northwesterly winds.

But the Australian supermaxi isn’t in the clear yet.

Sailing at more than 20 knots, Comanche has more than halved the Wild Oat’s lead since early this morning – from 39 nautical miles to just 19 nautical miles behind.

And with still roughly 120 nautical miles to Hobart’s Constitution Dock, Wild Oats isn’t leaving anything to chance.

Comanche is also throwing everything she has into getting ahead.

While there is talk that Comanche has left its run too late, the winds around Tasman Island and in Storm Bay are forecast to be very patchy.

This could see Wild Oats XI sail into still water, opening up an opportunity for Comanche to sail around her – a common curse of the leading boat.

And with the weather bureau predicting an increase in wind speed of up to 25 knots sometime after midday, the win could still go either way.

The supermaxis are expected to reach Hobart at lunchtime if the predicted weather conditions continue to hold.

Here’s a look at the Rolex yacht tracker map at 9am this morning.

Out in front is Wild Oats in red and Comanche in blue.


And here’s the leader board as of the same time.