Sydney scientists have created a chip which uses quantum physics to stop hackers

Dr Chunle Xiong at the University of Sydney.

Australian physicists have developed the holy grail of secure communication, a chip using photonic entanglement and small enough for phones and computers.

The development by a team at the University of Sydney paves the way to explore a new platform for quantum photonic technologies for secure communications.

The chip exploits the properties of quantum mechanics. Photonic entanglement links the quantum states of photons even if they are sent separately to distant locations.

Previous demonstrations of this process relied on bulky components which couldn’t be integrated with personal phones or computers and remain portable.

“We demonstrated, for the first time, the time-bin preparation, photon separation and entanglement analysis on a monolithic photonic chip,” says Dr Chunle Xiong, who led the research.

The research was announced today in the journal Optica.

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