Sydney police just had a huge crackdown on cyclists ahead of fines jumping 600%

Source: NSW Police

NSW police fined more than 450 cyclists in Sydney’s CBD yesterday as part of a crackdown on cycle safety ahead of major increases in the penalties for infringements starting March 1.

From Monday, cyclists over 18 must carry photo ID when riding and fines such as not wearing a helmet will increase from $71 to $319. Other penalties, such as running a red light or not stopping at a pedestrian crossing, jump 600% from $71 to up to $425, the same amount as car drivers.

Failure to carry ID will lead to a $106 fine from March 2017.

On Thursday, police handed out more than 450 infringement notices to cyclists, including 210 for not wearing helmets, 103 for disobeying traffic lights, which includes not dismounting at a pedestrian crossing, and 80 for riding on the footpath.

Another 64 cyclists received cautions or warnings.

NSW police say they also issued 205 infringement notices to motorists during the operation.

Assistant commissioner John Hartley said cyclists and pedestrians were road users too.

“All too often police are seeing pedestrians tuned into electronic devices, oblivious to traffic conditions, stepping out onto the road, while cyclists are undertaking risky behaviours putting them at danger of being injured or killed,” he said.

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