The Sydney Opera House police operation is over

Photo: Harry Tucker, Business Insider.

A police operation was underway at the Sydney Opera House this afternoon.

Police confirmed at the time that they were conducting a “precautionary search”. They cleared people from the vicinity and cordoned off the area surrounding the Sydney Opera House.

A chef from Opera Bar told Business Insider: “Police just came in and said you have to evacuate, they didn’t give any reason why.”

Along with half a dozen visible police patrolling the exclusion zone, police boats and helicopters could be seen circling the area.

At around 3.30pm the NSW police confirmed that the operation had officially concluded.

“Following information on social media, police conducted an operation in the vicinity of the Opera House and Manly as a precautionary measure.”

The Sydney landmark sits at the end of a small promontory that extends into Sydney Harbour from the north end of the CBD. It also sits in Circular Quay, a major transport hub for the city.

There was a Carnival Spirit cruise liner berthed at the Overseas Passenger Terminal in Circular Quay. It is scheduled to depart at 6pm. Business Insider has reached out to the company to find out if it was impacted by the police operation. We are still waiting to hear back. The Port Authority of NSW could not be reached.

Here’s what people are tweeting.

Here are some photos of our own taken by Business Insider’s Harry Tucker.

Photo: Harry Tucker, Business Insider.
Photo: Harry Tucker, Business Insider.
Photo: Harry Tucker, Business Insider.

A coinciding operation was also underway at Manly Wharf where the police cancelled the public ferry service.

The Manly Fast Ferry which also leaves from the same wharf was diverted to another wharf as part of that operation.

The private service told Business Insider that it had been advised not to disclose the nature of the police activities.

One onlooker told Business Insider that at around 2.10pm police could be seen searching one of the service’s vessels.

Gloria Jeans at Manly Wharf told Business Insider that there were around ten police officers cordoning off the wharf area.

The ferries are also back up and running but commuters should expect significant delays.

See the NSW transport website for current travel information.

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