An Australian man accused of being a spy in the United Arab Emirates could face the death penalty

Tim de Waele/Getty ImagesDubai

  • Sydney man, Naim Aziz Abbas, was arrested in Dubai in 2017 accused of spying.
  • His family say the accusations are “fabricated” and the 63-year-old is innocent.
  • In the UAE espionage is punishable by death, usually by firing squad.

  • The family of an Australian man held on spying charges in United Arab Emirates fear he could face the death penalty, which is usually conducted by firing squad.

    Naim Aziz Abbas, 63, was arrested in Dubai in October 2017, after being questioned by an intelligence officer during a series of meetings in a coffee shop.

    He had been living there since 2009, working for the UAE Roads and Transport Authority.

    The family of a Sydney man told the ABC the case against Abbas is “fabricated” and “ridiculous” and that he his innocent of the alleged crime.

    “He’s a law-abiding Australian citizen, he has a very kind heart, he never broke the law and he never caused harm to anyone,” his brother told the broadcaster.

    Australian officials are seeking consular access with the man but DFAT has confirmed their efforts have not yet been successful.

    In the UAE, multiple crimes including espionage are punishable by death, usually by firing squad.

    The ABC has more.

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