Anthony Weiner's Sexting Partner: His Wife Was 'Probably With Hillary' Clinton While We Were Talking

In a wide-ranging interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity Tuesday night, 23-year-old Sydney Leathers discussed her unusual, online relationship with New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner and told Hannity that he was Weiner’s “least favourite conservative.”

“Well, I didn’t say you were the worst. I actually was expecting him to say a colleague in the House, so I was thinking of, you know, Michele Bachmann or some nut that I don’t like,” Leathers told Hannity, who said he was “proud” of the distinction.

Hannity also asked Leathers if Weiner ever talked to her about Hillary Clinton, in light of his comments on Monday saying that his wife, Huma Abedin, would have a “role” in her possible campaign for president.

“No, he didn’t talk about Hillary at all with me, but that doesn’t really surprise me,” Leathers said. “And I think a lot of the time when we were speaking, Huma was probably with Hillary.”

The interview was undoubtedly a very unusual setting for both Leathers — who has very different politics than Hannity — and Hannity, whose interview subjects aren’t usually like Leathers.

Meanwhile, the poll numbers for Anthony Weiner keep getting worse, three weeks after Leathers went public with revelations about their online relationship. He is firmly in fourth place among Democratic candidates.

Weiner came out swinging in Tuesday night’s first televised debate of the primary, but his rivals — especially City Council Speaker Christine Quinn — were also quick to remind him of his personal history.

At a post-debate party Tuesday night, Weiner found both cheers and jeers. And he managed to make a cringeworthy joke, according to the New York Daily News.

“We should do a Weiner human pyramid. I’ll be at the bottom,” he said.

Watch Leathers’ full interview on Hannity below:

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