Sydney Leathers Crashed Anthony Weiner's Party, And These Vines Show It Was A Media Madhouse

He won’t go away, and neither will she.

Anthony Weiner, who’s been polling in the mid-single digits in today’s New York City Democratic mayoral primary, is having his “victory” party tonight at an Irish pub in Midtown Manhattan. And Sydney Leathers, the Las Vegas woman with whom he had been sexting, showed up, to the campaign’s chagrin.

Here’s what it was like in a whole bunch of vines.

Asked about her 15 minutes of fame, Leathers responded “it’s going to be a lot more than 15 minutes.”

There was a crush of reporters around her, including our own Walter Hickey. The press is much more interested in Leathers than in Weiner.

The man in the ugly, ill-fitting shirt next to her is Adam Barta, an actor and dance musician from the Bronx. According to Wikipedia, “He is also widely known for … over the top music videos featuring various reality stars and media personalities such as Octomom, Tan Mum and Lisa Lampanelli.” I suspect we may soon be adding Leathers to that list.

Here’s another shot of the major media crush around Leathers.

Leathers even got inside to grab a drink.

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