Sydney has a new boat: Ferry McFerryFace -- and no, we're not joking

A design of Ferry McFerryFace. NSW Public Transport – NSW GOV/ Facebook

Transport NSW has revealed the name of its newest vessel as Ferry McFerryFace.

The title was chosen in the Name Your Ferry competition, where Sydneysiders were encouraged to vote on what to call the new ferries. There were more than 15,000 suggestions.

The name is a variation on a joke that began with a similar competition for a British research vessel last year. A former BBC presenter, James Hand, suggested Boaty McBoatface, which then topped the UK poll, but the minister intervened and the ship was named RRS Sir David Attenborough, with one of its submersibles named Boaty McBoatface.

The joke continued in Australia and Boaty McBoatFace topped the Sydney poll, but because it was already being used, organisers chose the runner up, Ferry McFerryFace.

Three other ferries have been named after notable Australian doctors Victor Chang, Fred Hollows and Catherine Hamlin.

Some Facebook users have questioned whether Transport NSW are playing a practical joke, some have said it sounds that Australians have a sense of humour.

While others said the name makes a mockery of the distinguished Australians who have their names on the ferries.

The name is now part of a similar tongue-in-cheek trend, with a Trainy McTrainFace in Sweden, and a Sydney racehorse Horsey McHorseFace.

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