Police say terrorist suspects had recorded a video and were on the verge of an attack

Photo: Paul Miller/ Getty

Two Sydney men were arrested in a terror-related raid, in which police say they were planning an attack.

The men, aged 24 and 25 years old, were arrested yesterday in Riverview Road at Fairfield, just after 4:00pm.

NSW Deputy Police Commissioner, Catherine Burn said the men were “preparing to do this attack yesterday.”

Burn said police received information that an attack was imminent and acted to prevent this plot from being carried out.

The arrests were carried out as part of Operation Castrum, a NSW Police led joint counter-terrorism effort.

Burn said the type of alleged attack was consistent with the messaging coming out of terror organisation IS.

“We believe that the men were potentially going to harm somebody, kill somebody,” she said.

Police will allege the two men were well advanced in their preparations.

Burn said police are currently operating in a complex environment and there has been heightened operational activity.

“This represents the nature of the environment we face,” Burn said.

“It’s different from other crime types where sometimes you can wait.

“These types of matters come upon us very quickly. We will all act as soon as we possibly can.”

She added that police have no knowledge of where the attack was going to occur.

The men were arrested yesterday in the western Sydney suburb of Fairfield. A property search recovered weapons, likely to be used in the alleged attack.

“When we did the search a number of items were recovered. A machete, a hunting knife, a home made flag representing IS and video depicting a man carrying out an attack,” Burn said.

Sydney siege hostages flee the cafe. Photo: Getty Images

Burn said these types of planned attacks do not necessarily involve sophisticated methods.

She said there was no known link to joint counter-terrorism operation Appleby, which was carried out on a number of properties in western Sydney last year.

Both individuals are due to appear in Fairfield Local Court tomorrow.

In December last year gunman Man Haron Monis seized control of Sydney’s Lindt Cafe at Martin Place, holding 18 people hostage for 16 hours. Two of the hostages, lawyer Katrina Dawson and cafe manager Tori Johnson, were killed during the ordeal.