Sydney Aldi store cops a 3-day ban for selling alcohol to a minor

Photo by Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images

The ALDI supermarket at Edgecliff, in Sydney’s eastern suburbs will be banned from selling alcohol for three days this week after police caught boys under 18 with beer they’d bought from the store.

The NSW office of liquor and gaming says the supermarket’s liquor licence has been suspended from April 12 to 14 following the incident which occurred last September.

Police said they were at the Edgecliff Centre at about 11.30am on 18 September, 2015, when they saw a juvenile holding Aldi shopping bags and money being exchanged between a group of young males.

They found four six packs of beer in the bags and were told two of them had bought two of them from the Aldi supermarket.

The minor told police he was asked to produce identification by a supermarket cashier but told him that he’d lost his wallet.

The juvenile used a fake driver’s licence on his mobile phone using a superimposed image of himself to convince the cashier he was over 18.

The cashier subsequently told police he was unaware scanned IDs were not legal in NSW.

In the wake of the incident, Aldi says it has stepped up its training and internal auditing, and has trained staff to check the IDs of anyone who appears to be under 25.

The cashier has also undertaken a refresher course in RSA (responsible service of alcohol).

The 3-day ban comes three weeks after Aldi closed down its online liquor website to focus on its store roll out in South Australia and Western Australia.