Sydney Airport Was Hit By Delays Due To Heavy Fog

A heavy blanket of fog caused significant flight delays at Sydney Airport this morning.

Departures were not affected but a Sydney Airport spokesperson said some pilots didn’t feel it was safe to land.

“[Landing] depends on the pilot and what they want to do. Some have diverted to Brisbane because they don’t want to take the risk,” a spokesperson told Business Insider from the control room.

While not all incoming flights were delayed some were more than half an hour late, he said.

With reports that visibility is less than 50m in some parts of western Sydney, the airport’s spokesperson said it was still quite thick for hours after dawn.

Sydney Ferries were also delayed.

In other aviation news, the Qantas flight that was delayed in Los Angeles Airport for 23 hours has finally landed in Australia this morning.

But the fog meant passengers had to endure another setback, unable to land in Sydney.

A Qantas spokeperson said the flight from was diverted to Brisbane because of Sydney’s weather conditions, which could have added at least another hour and a half onto the flights journey.

The Boeing 747 which was due to take off at midnight on Wednesday, in Californian time, was originally delayed in what Qantas labelled as an “unfortunate sequence of events”.

The spokesperson admitted finding accommodation was a difficulty for the airline while the flight was delayed.

With reports that the airline was unable to find some of the passengers a bed which meant many slept on the floor of the LAX.

Here are some photos from this mornings fog.

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