Sydney airport is now allowing UberX cars to pick passengers up

Photo: Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/ Getty Images.

Sydney airport will now allow UberX cars to pick up passengers from both the domestic and international terminals.

In a move sure to anger the taxi industry, the decision comes ahead of a dedicated pickup area at the domestic terminal and Uber implementing a virtual queue system inside its app.

Uber drivers will be assigned their position in the queue in a first-in-first-out basis, with separate virtual queues for both the domestic and international terminals.

“This system ensures that driver-partners who have been waiting the longest get the requests first, instead of the usual system which allocates trips to whoever is closest,” Uber said in a statement.

Drivers will be able to collect passengers from the free public pickup zones in both terminals, although they will have a limited wait time.

However UberX drivers won’t have access to a dedicated waiting area like taxi drivers do, with a maximum waiting time of 10 minutes at the domestic terminal and 15 minutes at the international terminal before a parking fee.

Uber is recommending to drivers that they enter the car park, but then if they haven’t collected their passenger, proceed with a loop of the area before re-entering.

“It is also recommended that you call your rider after 10 minutes of waiting to explain where you are located,” the company said.

The move at Sydney airport comes after the ride sharing service was legalised in NSW in December last year. At the time, the government said taxis would still have exclusive rights to pick passengers up from airports.

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