From Pinterest's BBQ to a star-studded Lil Wayne concert, here are all the hot parties you're missing at SXSW

SXSWBusiness InsiderNothing like getting confetti in your drink

South by Southwest is in full swing in Austin.

The annual mega-conference features talks by tech leaders like Bill Gurley and Eric Schmidt and it’s flooded with startups trying to stand out, but what it’s really known for is its parties.

As the sun was beginning to set on Friday, PayPal & Mondelez sponsored a rooftop soirée. There was great live music, but the sky really stole the show.

On Friday evening, Brian Wong's startup Kiip threw a party where Sir Mix-A-Lot of 'Baby got Back' fame performed. Lots of people were using selfie sticks.

MRY and YouthNation put on a rager where Busta Rhymes performed.

Girls dressed in neon shreds danced on a trapeze above the crowd.

Other girls danced on stage.

Everyone had free drinks and giant glow sticks.

At one point, confetti streamed from the ceiling.

Finally, around 12:30 AM, Busta Rhymes performed.

The next morning, Pinterest threw a BBQ with mouth-watering brisket, sausage and ginger beer.


They also had a local folk band performing.

Party goers could make 'Meat Up' shirts.

This is the line outside the W Hotel, where a rooftop pool party was going on. So we went to another party instead.

Down the street was another roof top party with a DJ, hosted by Goldman Sachs. It was so good, even the partners from Rothenberg Ventures, who had rented space in the bar below for their own event, came up and partied.

Venture Capital firm Andreessen Horowitz hosted a mixer at a local steakhouse with a rooftop bar. While the drinks flowed and people salivated over steak sandwiches upstairs, A16z portfolio companies showed off their products downstairs.

TrueX rented an amazing house on E. 6th Street with an indoor pool and offered a make-your-own grilled cheese sandwich station.

On Saturday evening, Ashton Kutcher and Madonna's manager, Guy O'Seary, through a party. Mila Kunis, Jessica Alba and James Marsden were all there.

Then Lil Wayne performed!

Meanwhile, Vimeo held a dance party in a warehouse-like space on 7th Street.

Later in the night, we checked out a party co-hosted by events company Splash That. With the theme 'lunar kaleidoscope' it had neon-coloured lasers and a space-y vibe.

Outside was a huge dome with art projected onto it.

Inside the dome, you could check-out me amazing, psychedelic artwork.

Another SXSW tradition is having big groups of techies meet up to play games of 'Werewolf' organised by Cheezburger CEO and Circa cofounder Ben Huh. Games went on on Saturday past 3 am.

Even after the parties start to clear out, the streets are packed with people having a good time. We found this brass band playing an impromptu version of Cee Lo Green's 'F*** You' at around 3:30 a.m.

And the best part? The fun's still not over!

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