This App Will Keep You From Binge Drinking At SXSW


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As the members of tech world pack their bags for Austin to attend SXSW, an event known for its parties, one startup is quantifying all that alcohol consumption.100Proof is an app that can tell you how much alcohol you’re consuming so you don’t knock too many days off your life. 

100Proof is the first product to come out of 100Plus, a health startup we covered back in January.

The mobile Web app works on all phones.

The app will ask questions like: how much did you drink? For instance, if you had 6 drinks, the app will tell you that doing that took 1 day and 22 hours off your life.

But don’t get too down on yourself.

100Plus co-founder Chris Hogg said that the app will also let you know a list of activities that you can do to make up for your night out drinking.

In this case, the app suggests 2 hours 44 minutes of Jazzercise to make up for the 6 drinks you had.

The drinking data in the 100Proof app is based on data collected from the centres for Disease Control and Prevention, which kept track of the drinking behaviours of 350,000 people and their health records.

After looking at the data, Hogg said that moderate drinkers always win. Old people drink more than younger people. Not drinking anything at all is bad. And of course, binge drinking is also bad for you, Hogg added.


[credit provider=”100Plus”]

Besides the quiz, there will be a real-time infographic to reflect people’s drinking behaviour at SXSW. It will show how many total drinks were consumed — and will be broken down by types of phones (Android vs iPhone), total calories consumed, and gender differences (men vs women).

Too much information? What do you think? Go here if you are brave.