Swiss Tourist Fined $200 In Zimbabwe For Insulting President Mugabe

Robert Mugabe

Photo: Wikipedia

Thomas Fischer from Altnau, Switzerland will be the first to tell you that next time you’re in Zimbabwe, you may want to avoid insulting President Mugabe. It cost Fischer $200. During an argument with border officials at the lake resort town of Kariba, Fischer opined that Mugabe “knew how to screw people, especially foreigners”, reports The Guardian.

This case is actually not the first of its kind. Earlier this year, a Zimbabwean man was sentenced to two months in jail for possessing satirical cartoons on his phone of a naked, frail Mugabe, reports Yahoo! News. 

Another arrest was made in February when a Zimbabwean carpenter publicly questioned whether the 88-year-old Mugabe would have the strength to blow up his birthday balloons. 

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