Swiss Journalists Detained In Qatar For 13 Days While Trying To Report On The World Cup

QATAR world cup win

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A Swiss television station says that two of their reporters were not allowed to leave Qatar for 13 days after being arrested while a filming a report on the 2022 World Cup.The reporter and cameraman were filming “landscape shots” for a story on the first World Cup to be played in an Middle Eastern country, when police arrested them and confiscated their equipment.

They were forced to pay a fine and then released from custody, but were not given permission to leave the country for nearly two weeks.

The decision to award the 2022 games to Qatar has been controversial, because of the oppressively hot summer temperatures and the oppressive government that bans things like drinking, homosexuality, and freedom of the press.

If journalists aren’t going to be allowed to cover the games without restriction, the questions about FIFA’s odd decision will only grow louder. The station will lodge a complaint with FIFA.

FIFA president Sepp Blatter is also from Switzerland.