Swiss Bankers Are Terrified Of Leaving Switzerland

The ongoing tax evasion issues for Swiss bankers have caused some bankers to fear even stepping foot in another country due to the potential to be extradited or arrested, as The Globe and Mail reports.

Even secretaries working on U.S. accounts at the banks are reckoned to be at risk, while one banker rang an advice hotline because he was worried about nipping over the French border to buy groceries.

All this comes as Switzerland negotiates to get U.S. probes against 11 banks dropped in return for payment of fines and the names of thousands of U.S. clients. It also wants a deal to shield the rest of its 300 or so banks from prosecution.

Even Rudolf Wyss, the former deputy director of the Swiss Federal Department of Justice, is recommending that bankers not leave Switzerland.

“If the banker goes to the States there is a real risk of arrest. I would advise not to leave Switzerland,”

It does not look like Swiss bankers will be opting to vacation in the Alps this summer.

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