If You Accidentally Took $1.2 Million From A Swiss Air Flight, Please Return It To JFK Immediately

swiss air

Someone swiped $1.2 million in 100 bills from a Swiss Air flight, according to multiple reports.

The cash was part of a routine financial transaction between an unnamed American bank and its Swiss satellite office. 

Here’s how the New York Times’ Marc Santora describes how the bills were arranged:

The cash that was stolen — 12 packets of $100 bills, each totaling $100,000 — had been placed in a secure container that was then placed inside a larger container, the official said.

The plane landed at JFK and the container was sent to the New York Fed. But when handlers opened the container, they discovered it was gone.

Authorities are still not sure where or when the theft occurred, Santora says.

Don’t miss this analysis of the heist, and why banks still send actual cash to each other.

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