10 low-sugar snacks for people with a sweet tooth

Leah Rocketto/INSIDERA plain, frozen Eggo waffle is fairly low in sugar.

Sugar cravings are some of the hardest to ignore, and a lot of foods you might be craving are surprisingly high in sugar. Luckily, there are ways to have a sweet snack without consuming a bunch of extra sugar.

Here are some snacks that are fairly low-sugar to enjoy the next time a sugar craving hits.

Strawberries or blackberries a tasty option.

Although fruit might seem like a healthy snacking choice, some fruits can be fairly high in sugar. Mangoes, for example, contain 23 grams of sugar per cup.

If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth with fruit, opt for low-sugar fruits like strawberries or blackberries, which contain about 7 grams of sugar per cup.

Iced coffee with whole milk is a great choice if you opt out of added sweetener.

Wikimedia CommonsA splash of milk can add just enough creaminess.

Although you may be used to adding sweet creamers and artificial syrups to your coffee, it’s not always the best low-sugar option.

A solid choice is iced coffee with whole milk. “Unsweetened iced coffee is much more palatable than unsweetened hot coffee,” Brooke Alpert, RD, and author of The Diet Detox told INSIDER. Although a cup of whole milk is typically 13 grams of sugar, adding a splash of it to your 0 grams of sugar coffee won’t add too much sugar to your drink.

The whole milk won’t make your coffee overly sweet, but it will add a creaminess, which may help you forget about the sugar altogether.

Greek yogurt and berries can help satisfy cravings.

Celeste Lindell/FlickrJust remember that the berries will add sugar, too.

This is a great choice for those looking to add protein to their diet. Although, Alpert warns that you should always make sure the yogurt has no added sugar.

Oftentimes, it comes down to the brand you choose. Some Greek yogurt brands have as little as 4 grams of sugar, while others can have 21 grams of added sugar.

If it’s not sweet enough, you can add some strawberries or blackberries.

A baked sweet potato with cinnamon can be a satisfying choice.

iStock / juliedeshalesYou can also use savoury seasonings if you’re wanting something less sweet.

Sweet potatoes typically only have 5 grams of sugar, and are full of fibre and vitamins, which can help you feel more satisfied.

Although sweet potatoes aren’t super sweet on their own, adding a little bit of unsalted butter and cinnamon to a warm, baked sweet potato can make for a sweet treat.

Carrots and hummus can be a tasty option if you’re not actually sure what you crave.

FlickrHummus is generally a low-sugar choice.

“Sometimes we don’t necessarily want sugar, we just want food,” Alpert tells INSIDER. “Try this snack first and see if you’re still craving something sweet afterward.”

You may be surprised how the slight sweetness from carrots is enough to satisfy your craving. Bonus? Most supermarket hummus doesn’t contain any sugar.

Cottage cheese and fresh fruit is simple and satisfying.

Stephanie Frey / iStockKeep in mind that some fruits have more sugar than others.

Cottage cheese only contains about 6 grams of sugar and can add protein to your diet.

Use any unflavored cottage cheese of your choice and add pieces of your favourite low-sugar fruits.

Oatmeal can be low in sugar if you skip some toppings.

ShutterstockCinnamon can be a low-sugar way to sweeten your oatmeal.

One cup of oatmeal typically contains about 1.1 grams of sugar. If you opt for low-sugar or no-sugar toppings, like cinnamon, you can enjoy this popular breakfast food as a sweet, low-sugar snack.

Enjoy a slice of multi-grain toast with butter and cinnamon.

Photo-Dave/iStockPeanut butter can be a great topping, but be sure to watch out for added sugars.

One large slice of multi-grain bread typically has only 2.6 grams of sugar. And, unsalted butter typically has 0 grams of sugar. Topping your slice of toast with cinnamon can make for a sweet snack.

Enjoy some popcorn.

Sarah Schmalbruch/INSIDERJust keep an eye out for popcorn with added ingredients.

Although it may not be overly sweet, one ounce of popcorn has only 0.3 grams of sugar. So, as long as you keep it in moderation, you can add some slightly sweeter toppings for a flavorful boost.

Snack on a plain, frozen waffle.

Leah Rocketto/INSIDERSome brands and flavours have less sugars than others.

While not all frozen waffle varieties and flavours are created equally, some have less sugar than others.

For example, one frozen Eggo Buttermilk waffle only contains 1 gram of sugar.

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