Swedish Retail Giant H&M's Melbourne Store Is As Big As The One In New York -- And More Expensive Than The UK

Image: H&M opening Melbourne.

About 15,000 shoppers streamed through monster Swedish clothing retailer Hennes & Mauritz AB doors on its first day of Australian trade over the weekend.

H&M’s new Melbourne store is one of its biggest, taking up about 5000 square metres over three floors in the city’s heritage GPO building, it’s about the same size as the company’s New York Fifth Avenue store.

H&M said its one of the biggest openings the company has experienced around the world and its already considering expanding its Australian presence to Sydney and Brisbane.

Before the Melbourne doors were flung open, about 3000 shoppers were queued up out the front on Saturday morning, H&M said.

Over the last few years fast fashion retailers have made the move into the Australian market, with the likes of Zara and Topshop both opening shop fronts and UniQlo reportedly on the way.

But Australian shoppers while excited at first with similar lines at both Zara’s and Topshop’s front doors on their opening days, they were quick to quiver about pricing and product differences – information which with the presence of online shopping shoppers are increasingly aware of.

H&M said Australian shoppers won’t be hit by inflated prices compared to overseas, but has warned prices will fluctuate between markets because of taxes or local currency.

A quick comparison of H&M’s Australian and UK websites shows the price differences – most of the examples we’ve found are cheaper overseas, but there’s one pair of shoes that’s cheaper in Australia, so it can work both ways.

H&M red satin blouse, UK: $8.93

Image: H&M

Here it is on the UK website.

H&M ladies sequinned skirt, Australia: $59.99


This ladies sequinned skirt is priced at £29.99 in the UK ($AU53.54) but in its Australian store is about 10 per cent more expensive at $59.99.

H&M ladies sequinned skirt, UK: $53.54

Image: H&M

Here it is on the UK website.

H&M jacket, Australia: $89.95

Image: H&M

Priced at $89.95 in Australia this coat is currently on sale in the UK H&M online store for £20 ($AU35.73).

H&M jacket, UK: $35.73

Image: H&M.

Originally priced at £49.99 in the UK, this jacket was roughly the same price as the one in Australia, before it went on sale.

H&M knee high boots, Australia: $69.95

Image: H&M

These boots are about 10 per cent more expensive in Australia compared to H&M in the UK.

H&M knee high boots, UK: $62.52

Image: H&M.

At £34.99 pounds ($AU62.52) these boots are 10 per cent cheaper in the UK compared to Australia.

H&M flat boots, Australia: $39.95

Image: H&M

Retailing at £22.99 ($AU44.60) in the UK, these boots are actually slightly cheaper Down Under at $39.95.

H&M flat boots, UK: $44.60

Image: H&M.

These boots are more expensive in the UK compared to Australia so in some cases it works both ways.

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