Why The Swedish Princess' New Hedge Funder Husband Will Never Be A Prince

sweden wedding

Hedge funder Christopher O’Neill married Princess Madeleine of Sweden on Saturday at the Royal Palace chapel in Stockholm in front of some of America and Europe’s biggest magnates and socialites.

Though O’Neill may have put a ring on it, the 38-year-old partner at Noster Capital will not actually become a prince, giving this fairy-tale wedding a little less enchantment. 

According to Swedish law, O’Neill must obtain Swedish citizenship and avoid “a position of responsibility in business” to achieve the princely courtesy title. He plans to do neither. According to a royal press release (via Google Translate).

This means that Mr. Christopher O’Neill – according to those principles – can not bear the title HRH Prince of Sweden and Duke of Gastrikland and Hälsingland. 

Madeleine is fourth in line to the Swedish throne, so it’s unlikely that O’Neill, a dual U.S.-U.K. citizen, would need to fulfil his would-be princely duties.

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