Swedish Police Corral Soccer Hooligans Onto A Super-Fast Escalator After A Fight

Heated soccer rivals Malmö FF and Helsingborgs IF played Wednesday night in Helsinborg, Sweden.

The game was followed by clashes between fans in the train station, leading to a sequence where hooligans were whisked away from a fight by a sped-up escalator.

Fans believe the escalator was purposely turned up fast by the police, and took it Facebook express their outrage, the Local reports. But the Swedish Transit Authority told the paper that the escalator simply malfunctioned because of too much weight, adding that no one was injured.

In the video below (dug up by 101 Great Goals), you can see the police slowly push shouting fans onto the down escalator, and then it kicks into high speed. By the end, only police are left at the top of the escalator.

Who knew escalators could go so fast?

The video (great GIF below):

Hooliganism has apparently marred the league for years. The Guardian wrote in 2010, “Sweden appears to be where England was 30 years ago. There are fights before games, fights after games and fights during games. There are missiles. Anything goes.”

It’s unclear how many people were hurt yesterday.

This is one way to stop it:

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