The Swedish Government Accidentally Invited A Random Lady To A Ministerial Conference — And Let Her Stay

The Swedish government wanted to do something special for their most recent environment conference. They wanted to invite the ex-agriculture minister, ex-deputy prime minister and former ambassador to Brazil to grace the event. Instead, they got a 67-year-old retired occupational therapy assistant.

The mix-up occurred when the invitation was mailed to the wrong person: both ladies are called Margareta Winberg, The Local reports.

“I received an invitation; it had my name and my address on it. I didn’t really think too much about it,” the “incorrect” Winberg, 67, said. It was only when she arrived at Sweden’s official government office complex for the event that officials finally realised the error.

To make matters more hilarious, Environment Minister Lena Ek decided to let Winberg stay for the event. She was escorted to “her” seat and introduced to everyone with an explanation of what had happened. “The food was nice and there were a lot of people talking and talking,” Winberg said. She was even invited to be a part of a group photo, Aftonbladet reports.

The organisers weren’t worried about security. “The Rosenbad guards can handle retired ladies,” Erik Bratthall, press spokesperson for Ek, told Dagens Nyheter (DN).

The “real” Margareta Winberg, 64, has since received an apology, but didn’t seem too concerned. “I hope my namesake had a lovely dinner. She has never attended a government dinner, and I have,” she told DN.

Photo: Rosenbad

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