We tried Oreos' most outrageous new flavour yet -- here's the verdict

Oreos have donned some wild guises through the years.

Banana Split Creme, Candy Corn, Watermelon, Key Lime Pie, Cotton Candy; all have come and gone.

But now perhaps the most bizarre flavour has been released, available exclusively at Kroger stores.

At long last, Swedish Fish Oreos are here, combining the iconic taste of the Swedish Fish gummy candy and the chocolate Oreo cookie — a flavour coupling that no one saw coming, let alone asked for.

“We know that consumers enjoy variety when it comes to snacking so we create all of our limited-edition flavours to provide surprising new twists people know and love and on occasion, create unexpected and unique flavour combinations that people may never have thought were possible,” an Oreo spokesperson recently told Business Insider’s Hayley Peterson.

Indeed, this is quite likely the one flavour combo that people never have thought possible — or one that people wanted to think possible.

So, how are they?

Upon opening the package, one is immediately smacked across the face with a wave of Swedish Fish aroma. It’s that distinctly sugary, vaguely fruity scent that warns your teeth of the suffering to come.

Such a smell should not come from a cookie.

It quickly permeated the office, leading to a swift quarantining of the Oreos for tasting.

The inside is a garish red creme — not a gummy, which is one of the more horrifying routes this could have taken — sandwiched between the classic Oreo cookie.

They taste as one would expect — if one can expect something of these. Take two Oreo cookies, stick a Swedish Fish between them, and take a bite; you’ll have the same result, albeit with more of a workout for your jaw muscles.

This is the teeth-torturing sugary assault that keeps your dental hygienist up at night, all in an eye-popping blood red hue.

The cookies also bring up a question that has haunted many, myself included, for years: what exactly is the flavour of Swedish Fish? If even Wikipedia, the grand encyclopedia of the people, cannot answer, then this fruity rouge mystery may never be explained.

One thing is for sure: whatever the flavour may be, these Oreos are a mystery best left unsolved.

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