Swedish national soccer team chants 'F--- racism!' after abuse directed at player Jimmy Durmaz

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty ImagesJimmy Durmaz playing for Sweden at the 2018 World Cup.
  • A Swedish midfielder was subjected to racist abuse after giving up a crucial foul in a World Cup match.
  • He read a statement on camera condemning the abuse, and his teammates also came out against it by proclaiming “F— racism!” on camera.

The Swedish national soccer team has come out strongly against racist abuse directed at one of its players, Jimmy Durmaz, following the team’s disappointing loss to Germany in the World Cup, proclaiming, “F— racism!”

Durmaz says that he has been subjected to racist abuse after committing the foul that led to German midfielder Toni Kroos’ game-winning free kick.

“I am a footballer at the highest level. To be criticised is something we have to live with,” Durmaz said in a statement he read in front of the media before a practice.

“But to be called bloody darkie, suicide killer, and for my family, my children, to have death threats. That is completely unacceptable. I am Swedish and I am proud to be wearing this shirt and our flag.”

Durmaz was born in Sweden to Assyrian parents from Turkey, according to the Associated Press.

The Swedish FA has also reported the abuse to police, according to the AP.

Durmaz finished his statement by saying, “We stand united. We are Sweden,” turning to his teammates, as they chant “F— racism!”

Sweden is currently on the outside looking in on a top two spot, and advancing to the next round, in its World Cup group. They play Mexico in their final group stage match on Wednesday.

You can see Durmaz’s full statement and the team’s response as well below.

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