Swedish Election Confirms Upsurge In Anti-Immigrant Fears


Photo: EuropeanVoice.com

The far-right Sweden Democrats earned seats in parliament for the first time.The group, which campaigned on an anti-immigrant platform and used the slogan “Keep Sweden Swedish,” got 5.7% of the vote in Sunday’s election, according to European Voice.

Look where else anti-immigrant groups are surging:

  • In Italy, the anti-immigrant Northern League joined forces with Prime Minister Berlusconi last March.
  • In France, President Sarkozy has kicked off a major campaign to send Roma back to Romania.
  • In Germany, racist comments by Geert Wilders and Thilo Sarrazin received strong public support.

Why? It’s hard to be a socialist republic in a global downturn, with a dim outlook for the future.

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