Another Ultra-Right, Anti-Immigration, Anti-Europe Party Had An Awesome Election

Today’s sign that Europe is coming apart.

Sweden held an election this weekend, and the number 3 party was the Sweden Democrats, which took nearly 13% of the vote, doubling their share from last time.

The Sweden Democrats are a far right party, which blasts immigration, and the euro “elites.”

Fraser Nelson at UK’s The Spectator explains them like this:

They call themselves “Sweden’s only opposition party”, the implication being that the Stockholm elite is one indistinguishable blob of vested interest. Like UKIP, they say they are neither left or right. I’d put them closer to Maine Le Pen’s National Front in being anti-immigration and protectionist. Is Ms Romson fair to compare them to racists? There is no doubt that the Sweden Democrats have moved towards the mainstream in recent years and tried to address racism within their ranks. Their language is a mixture of Salmond/Farage-style anger at the elite and populism.

Overall, the election was won by the left, though barely, and controling parliament will be difficult.

Still, the success of the Sweden Democrats is just the latest in a trend, from the UK to France to Germany, where ultra-right, anti-Europe or Eurozone parties are performing quite well.

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