Wealthy Local Residents Are Not Too Happy About Sweden’s ‘Class Safari’

Stockholm, Sweden

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Tourists visiting Sweden now have something new to add to their ‘must-do’ list.Allt åt Alla (“Everything for Everyone”) is now organising sightseeing tours through “lower class” central Stockholm (Fisksätra) to the weathier suburbs of Stockholm (Saltsjöbaden), in an attempt to debunk the myth of a classless Swedish society, and to highlight the disparity between the classes, The Local reports.

“The trip is a way of learning about Stockholm’s history and see what segregation really looks like,” Shabana Barot from Allt åt Alla told Dagens Nyheter. The group behind the venture calls on prospective sightseers to develop their “hate” of the class system.

The tour has been regularly sold out since it was first advertised a few weeks ago, and previous tours in other Swedish cities have attracted big crowds.

But while the tours might be a hit with tourists, the residents of Saltsjöbaden in Nacka have not taken too kindly to them. The mayor of Nacka has called the tour “childish,” and some residents have thrown eggs at the tour buses. 

“I don’t understand what those communists are doing here. It is hardly our fault that they are poor,” a young boy told Nacka Värmdö Posten

On Allt åt Alla’s website, a selection of the hateful comments, threats, and racist slurs that were posted on their Facebook page has been published. “We had not expected the aggressive tone or threatening reactions,” said Anna Svensson, who is part of the organisation.

However, it doesn’t look like the tours will be stopped any time soon. While police complaints have been filed against them by residents, local police have brushed it aside, saying that everyone had the right to organise such activities, according to Nacka Värmdö Posten.