Swearing In NSW Will Now Cost You $500 Under The 'One Punch' Laws

When the O’Farrell Government announced a range of tough new laws in a bid to curb alcohol and drug-related violence in Kings Cross and Sydney CBD, the crackdown went further than “one-punch” laws.

Among a raft of new rules, that include 1.30am lockouts, 10pm bottleshop closures and gaol time for steroid possession increased from two to 25 years, the Premier also took the chance to more than treble the fine for offensive language from $150 to $500.

Offensive behaviour fines also jumped from $200 to $500; the fine for continued intoxicated and disorderly behaviour following a move-on direction leapt from $200 to $1,100, while the Court penalty for continued intoxicated and disorderly behaviour rose from $660 to $1,650.

On the upside, in recent years magistrates have refused to side with the police over offensive language charges, most notably Pat O’Shane in 2005 and more recently, a uni student who called a police officer a “prick” escaped penalty.

The new rule means that the next time Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke sledges a batsman with “Get ready for a broken f&*%in’ arm” at the SCG, he might be up for a $500 fine from the Premier, as well as handing over 20% of his match earnings to Cricket Australia.

And because we miss him, here’s former PM Kevin Rudd dropping the $500-bombs like mad, so turn down the sound, because it’s totally NSFW.

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