After Return Of Goat Mascot, Swiss Far Right Party Looks For More Power



Far-right Swiss People’s Party (SVP) is looking to make history in this weekend’s election by taking 30 per cent of the vote and ending the current ruling parties power-sharing deal.And it had a big morale boost this week, with the return of its mascot, a goat named Zottel who had previously been kidnapped.

The Telegraph reports that the party has been criticised internationally for policies such as expelling foreign criminals from the country, but in the last election SVP managed to sway 28.9 per cent of the vote – the highest for any Swiss party since the introduction of the proportional voting system in 1919.. Opinion polls show that the party’s popularity has gained since.

The SVP’s nearest competitor is the Socialist Party, which opinion polls suggest has significantly less of the electorate. Given the SVP’s popularity, a positive result in this weekend’s election may see the party gain more representation in the Swiss government. It has threatened to form its own coalition if it is not given the representation it feels it deserves.

The party is also celebrating the return of its goat, the SVP mascot. The Associated Press reported that the goat was kidnapped at the weekend by a group referring to themselves as “Antifascist Action.”

The goat was shaved and painted black before being returned. It’s believed to be a gesture referring to the party’s policy of evicting foreign criminals. The SVP previously ran a campaign depicting foreigners as black sheep being expelled from the country.

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