Homeless Woman Allegedly Snuck Into An Air Force Base That Should Have Been A Fortress

Suzanne JensenSuzanne Jensen, 50, is accused of flipping over a trash can and using it to scale a wall of MacDill Air Force Base.

A 50-year-old homeless woman has reportedly been charged with repeatedly sneaking into MacDill Air Force Base, a facility that should be an impenetrable fortress.

Suzanne M. Jensen told police she entered MacDill — home to U.S. Special Operations Command and Central Command — by turning over a garbage can and stepping on it to scale a wall, the Tampa Bay Times reports.

The first alleged incident took place in October, when she was spotted on a boat at the MacDill arena.

When the boat’s owner asked if she was authorised to be there, she said the Pentagon gave her permission to board all boats on the base, according to an arrest affidavit quoted by the Tampa Bay Times. She then went into the water and swam away, police say.

Jensen was allegedly spotted on the base three more times between November and January. Her ability to enter the facility repeatedly is particularly troubling since MacDill houses such sensitive operations and should ideally have airtight security.

MacDill officials told the Tampa Bay Times they were working with federal prosecutors to investigate the case.

The thumbnail of this story is an AP photo of MacDill Air Force base.

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