Susan Sarandon explains why she had to ‘break up’ with Hillary Clinton

Susan sarandon

Susan Sarandon’s relationship with Hillary Clinton has seen some ups and downs over the years.

The actress, who’s an ardent Bernie Sanders supporter in the current presidential election, was once friendly to Hillary Clinton.

When she was on Stephen Colbert’s “Late Show” Wednesday, the host showed a photo of happier times between Sarandon and Clinton.

Susan sarandon hillary clinton

“I know. Look how happy we were. And then I had to break up with her,” Sarandon said.

The photo evidently predates the 2003 Iraq invasion that Hillary Clinton voted for as a Senator, and when asked about why she turned on the politician, Sarandon brought up the war.

“I told her, don’t go in Iraq. I’m very upset about that,” Sarandon said, also citing Clinton’s record on fracking, which she is not entirely against, and her association with agricultural biotech company Monsanto.

“Who is this person? I can’t trust her,” Sarandon said.

The Oscar winner also went on to explain her support for Bernie Sanders, who she says has had consistent principles throughout his career.

Watch Susan Sarandon explain her Hillary Clinton breakup below:


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