Susan Boyle's Early Audition Tape: The Next YouTube Sensation?

As people keep unearthing old Susan Boyle performances, trying to cash in on the British singing phenom, someone has stumbled upon a clip of a pre-Britain’s Got Talent Boyle auditioning for the 1995 Star Search-like show My Kind of People.

The audio quality’s not spectacular, but you can still hear the same voice of the woman who brought us “I Dreamed A Dream.” The host of My Kind of People, though, is not impressed, degrading her performance by mugging around behind her on stage and, at one point, trying to look up her skirt. But watch the clip until the very end and you’ll see that Susan Boyle has in fact been kissed, on television at that.

The video’s already received 215,592 views on YouTube since it was uploaded on Sunday, and that’s just the Britain’s Got Talent version. Given the worldwide love affair with Susan Boyle, we wouldn’t be surprised if this degrading performance started getting a lot more views, from both fans outraged at how anyone could mock their beloved singer and critics who’ll be amused by the host’s antics and how the clip outs her as a liar who’s been kissed after all.

Hat tip to EW’s PopWatch blog for alerting us to this clip.

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