How to survive work when everyone else is on holidays

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What’s worse than working on a holiday?

Feeling so bummed and unproductive you don’t accomplish a single thing.

Working when everyone you know is on holiday can be bleak to say the least.

But stop feeling sorry for yourself. Director of HR consultancy Positive People Allan Pettersen says the first step is accepting your situation.

You are working now, so here’s what you can do to survive the next 10 days before everyone is back.

Pettersen says the key to staying motivated and productive is to change your mindset.

“Look for positives in every situation,” Pettersen says.

The beach or the park may be where you want to be instead of serving your 50th customer. But the beach and the park will be just as busy as your shop floor.

Working when everyone is away means you can plan your next holiday, when everyone is back at work. You’ll be off-season and would have accumulated more leave by then too, Pettersen says.

He also recommends staying away from social media to help curb any resentment for your job.

Set goals

An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.

Whether your job requires you to serve customers during sale season or be stuck in an office, keep yourself busy by setting goals, Pettersen says.

There’s nothing more satisfying than crossing off your to-do list or hitting a sales target on the weekend before New Years eve.

“When people are away, the distractions are fewer so make a plan of what you need to achieve, set some deadlines and just focus on achieving them,” he says.

Workers should remember to pace themselves with tasks to keep motivation and productivity levels up throughout the silly season.

Note to employers


Employers also are responsible for creating a work environment that doesn’t make employees feel like doing their job was a chore, Pettersen says.

“Keep your staff happy and pay them their entitlements. . . Employers must make it palatable for workers to want to work. Show them appreciation and make them feel valued so they don’t feel like they’re being taken advantage of.”

He says employers that offered flexibility throughout the year would help workers feel more inclined to work during the holidays.

“If you love your job, you’ll suck it up.”

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