7 Survivalist Tips On How To Endure Unemployment


We LOVE all the survivalist Websites which embrace doomsday with gusto. So, if you like looking at the worst case scenario and how to cope, this list is for you.

Nordicranger’s Site:

  • Shower in the dark. It save energy and you don’t need to see that much anyways. Just try not to slip! (or leave one light on, but others off)
  • Cut your hair at home. Men can save money by having a family member cut their hair for them. (Though, women may have a harder time doing this).
  • Earn money any way you can Mow lawns, deliver newspapers, recycle goods, shovel driveways. Get creative.
  • Do you really need all of those Cable/Satellite TV Channels? Call your cable/satellite provider and remove some of the more costly channels, or, cancel the service altogether.
  • Cut down on your Telephone bills Call your phone company and see how you can reduce your monthly bills. Remove call waiting, caller ID. Take off any unnecessary features. Do this immediately after you lose your job. Don’t wait.
  • Buy only the necessary groceries. Buy only the most basic foods at the supermarket. It is possible to only spend $15-$30 at the store and still get enough groceries to eat for a week. Examples are eggs, milk, bread, meat, and vegetables instead of pre-made foods, ready made meals, or premium items.
  • Keep up good health and hygiene. Don’t overeat, or eat too little. Keep your teeth in good shape, use fluoride and floss regularly in addition to good brushing. Try not to gain weight, or lose weight. Stay as healthy as possible. It costs very little to keep good health and hygiene, but costs quite a bit to cure yourself if you don’t.