SurveyMonkey staff are paying a touching tribute to their late CEO Dave Goldberg

Photo: supplied.

The tech industry from Silicon Valley to small Sydney startups were shocked to learn of the death of Dave Goldberg, the CEO of SurveyMonkey, when he passed away earlier in the month.

He was just 47.

Following his death, many have shared their tributes for the man who was widely revered as a genuinely nice guy.

Recently we have noticed that SurveyMonkey has been using the hashtag #makedaveproud when they share their content on social media.

Bennett Porter, vice president of SurveyMonkey’s marketing communications sector, told Business Insider:

“We posted our tribute to Dave and shared it via Facebook. We had a simple sentence – ‘We will make you proud.’

“Almost immediately, we saw our employees start to use the #makedaveproud hashtag internally. As the team tried to move beyond their grief, employees started to double down and focus on their work. Lines of encouragement were mixed between product updates and creative reviews.

“An example: One of the teams had a successful release this week. In the congratulations email the manager sent to the team, he added, ‘To honor Dave, let’s work together and complete this quarter’s projects on time with high quality.’

“Teams globally started using #makedaveproud. When a team so committed to finalizing a marketing campaign that Dave was excited about worked late into the night, they completed it with #MakeDaveProud. A Slack channel (the internal messaging platform we use to house conversations across the company) called #makedaveproud was created and the team has started to share their big wins on the channel.

“The biggest win last week was by the survey research team. The team worked this week on accurately predicting the UK elections (one of very few outlets to do so correctly). They knew it would have made Dave very proud. They were thrilled to have predicted the election within 1 point and knew it would #makedaveproud.

“Most interestingly, people have used the hashtag not only when it pertains to work. Employees have used it to remind each other to take care of themselves and remember what’s important. ‘#makedaveproud and have dinner with your family.’ ‘#makedaveproud and go to your daughter’s school picnic.’ ‘#makedave proud and take care of yourself.’ — Are all phrases we’ve heard throughout the company over the past week.

“What we, as a company, realized is that what made Dave proud was not only our big company wins, but how we lived outside the office. He was proud of the fact that we all felt secure enough in our jobs to take the time we needed for our family and friends. He was proud of the fact that we regularly volunteered in our community — individually and as a company. He was proud of us when we looked out for each other.

Dave’s impact on everyone at SurveyMonkey goes beyond the office, but how we approach life. We hope to live by the example he set. And we intend to make him proud.

Last week, we had our first all hands and had these shirts made. Here’s a team photo.”

Photo: supplied.

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