If only Mac users voted, Hillary Clinton would be president

A new data presentation from SurveyMonkey can break down how people were likely to vote in the 2016 presidential election by all sorts of demographics, like gender, education or race.

It can also break down who is likely to vote for whom based on which device — like an iPhone, or Android phone, or Windows PC — was used by the person taking the survey.

It turns out, according to SurveyMonkey’s data, that if you own a Mac, you were far more likely to support Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate.

Based on macOS respondents alone, SurveyMonkey projects that Clinton would have won the election 443 electoral college votes to President Trump’s 58.

2016 election Survey Monkey

This isn’t that surprising — Mac laptops and desktops are expensive, and they’re more likely to be used by people in major metropolitan areas with substantial disposable income, as opposed to the white working class which is often seen as Trump’s core base.

SurveyMonkey also says that based solely on Windows respondents, Trump would have won 329 electoral college votes to 209.

On smartphones, the trend is flipped: Trump wins among iPhone users, and Clinton wins among Android users.

Axios reports that there’s reason to take SurveyMonkey’s data seriously — it had the single-most accurate prediction on the recent 2017 U.K. election. Plus, the company is eager to show off its platform as a source for reliable polling data for political operatives.

SurveyMonkey says that it polled more than 1 million registered voters using multiple layers of online surveys over the course of the 2016 campaign to make these maps. More information on the methodology is available here.

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