SURVEY: Staff think flexible working can make them seem lazy -- and Gen Y is the most concerned

Daniel Munoz/Getty Images

There’s been a lot of talk about the benefits of flexible working arrangements such as working remotely from home or starting early and finishing early.

Many rave about the virtues, how it makes employees happier, more productive and more likely to stay with their employer.

But there’s been little work done on the downside of flexible work. What are the fears felt by employers and their employees?

Robert Walters, the international recruitment agency, has created a white paper about flexibility at work using a survey of almost 500 hiring managers and more than 1,500 professionals across Australia and New Zealand.

This is what they found:

Source: Robert Walters

For staff, the top concern is that they’ll be perceived as lazy. Generation Y (56%) are twice as likely as Baby Boomers (27%) to be concerned about the negative impact of flexible working on career prospects.

More than half of bosses say the biggest barrier to flexible working arrangements is the concern about not treating all employees equally. This is particularly the case for employers in the public sector (69%).

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