We Went To Survey Monkey, Where Engineers Use Treadmill Desks And Do Planks Between Coding

We recently stopped by Survey Monkey, a Palo Alto startup that lets people create free, customisable surveys.

Survey Monkey celebrated the official opening of its new office on Friday by letting employees autograph the sign that will hang outside its building.

Survey Monkey may be turning 15 this year, but the bar, games, and group activities show its employees know how to have fun.

Survey Monkey's HQ is hard to recognise from the street because the large signs aren't up yet.

Survey Monkey's logo will be hung outside soon. Monkeys, as employees are called, posed with it while it was still in the lobby.

The first thing you'll see upstairs is a game room. Pool, ping pong, and foosball are some of the games monkeys play at work.

The game room also has musical instruments, but employees aren't supposed to use them during the day.

Some of Survey Monkey's conference rooms are named after famous artists, like Salvador Dali.

The company uses an open floor plan so monkeys can easily work on projects together.

Every employee has a banana above their desk with their name on it.

Survey Monkey has a neat studio where it films speakers and makes tutorials for customers. People were filming when we stopped by!

It's not unusual to find monkeys using walking desks like these. The company's CEO, David Goldberg, uses one.

There's also a fitness club in the office. We found employees doing planks at the end of the day.

These monkeys have a ton of energy!

Employees did wall sits, too. They don't need a gym!

There are plenty of places for people to work away from their desks. There's no shortage of plush monkeys lying around, either.

These nooks are perfect for impromptu meetings.

Survey Monkey's kitchen has every kind of drink you could imagine, thanks to the digital soda fountain and refrigerators.

Look at all the snacks!

Employees can spend hours gazing at the tiny figurines in these bowls alongside booths in the dining hall.

On the roof, monkeys played corn hole to celebrate the end of the work week.

There's even a bar for parties!

Survey Monkey founder Ryan Finley and CEO David Goldberg were the first to autograph the company's sign. Goldberg is married to Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg.

Monkeys swarmed the sign, eager to become part of the company's history.

Then it was time for a group selfie before the group photo.

Everybody say cheese!

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