Survey Claims Only A Tiny per cent Of Ad Agencies Use Pinterest

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Photo: Illustration: Kevin Lincoln/Business Insider

According to The Creative Group’s survey of 500 U.S. advertising and marketing execs, only an incredibly small per cent of agencies are on Pinterest.The results find:

  • 7 per cent already use it for business
  • 10 per cent plan to start using Pinterest in the near-ish future
  • 44 per cent have zero interest in using Pinterest for business purposes

According to the survey, a staggering 18 per cent of marketers have never even heard of Pinterest. Considering the social media site’s meteoric rise, you’d have to assume their shops are based out of remote, Wi-Fi-free caves.

Consumers, on the other hand, are loving the social media darling, which grew from from approximately 1 million to 20 million users between July 2011 and July 2012

Kantar Media Company’s Compete conducted an online shopper intelligence survey suggesting that one in four consumers spend less time on other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter in favour of Pinterest, and 15 per cent claim that they don’t use any social media sites except for Pinterest.

Considering that the sharing site is photo-based, brands have produced some visually compelling work on Pinterest. (Uniqlo found a really cool way to create a scroll animation on the site).

Donna Farrugla, executive director of The Creative Group, explained the small agency turnout as follows: “Pinterest has attracted a huge following quickly, but companies may be waiting to see if its popularity will last and what the potential business uses are in order to determine if a presence there makes sense.”

Agencies, what do you think? Do the stats seem right? Why do or don’t you use Pinterest? Explain in comments or email [email protected]


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