SURVEY: 23 per cent Of Pilots Are Sleepy On The Job

Pilots, cockpit

Photo: Doug / flickr

This post originally appeared at 24/7 Wall St.

The National Sleep Foundation has just released a research report that says:

About one-fourth of train operators (26%) and pilots (23%) admit that sleepiness has affected their job performance at least once a week, compared to about one in six non-transportation workers (17%).

The results should be even more a concern among fliers:

One in five pilots (20%) admit that they have made a serious error and one in six train operators (18%) and truck drivers (14%) say that they have had a “near miss” due to sleepiness.

The thing about the results that is most shocking is not that pilots might fall asleep or get drowsy. The shock is that airlines allow this to be a problem at all.

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