Ex-Pat Pornographer Explains The Most Surprising Things About Holland

Australian pornographer Garion Hall, who runs the “happy, healthy, and natural” porn site Abbywinters, moved to Holland in 2010 because of its more liberal pornography laws.

Apparently he loves it in Amsterdam. Hall offered the following answer on Quora to a question about facts about a country are mind-blowing to foreigners [republished with permission]:

In Holland (Netherlands). I’m an ex-pat, so these things really stood out to me:

  • School finishes at midday on Wednesdays. This is so parents can spend more time with their kids, and many employers allow parents to go home at midday on Wednesdays.
  • Amsterdam really could not be less about prostitution and marijuana. They are small parts of the city that some tourists (and few locals) enjoy, but there’s so much more to Amsterdam than that!
  • Riding a bike is the primary means of transport for most people in cities, regardless of the “event” – going to a wedding (bride included!), dressed up, dressed down, wearing a suit, going to the beach, taking kids to school, moving house, going to work, shopping, having breakfast, talking on the phone, putting on makeup at the lights. Any time a person in LA might consider using a car, Dutchies will ride a bike. No one wears helmets.
  • On warm summer evenings, many people will eat on the street (or on their front steps), cos most homes do not have air-con, and the streets are generally lovely.
  • Parties often happen on open boats that motor around the canals (as opposed to, at someone’s home). They stop near public toilets every so often (and at bottle-shops, to stock up). I find it very weird seeing parties motor past our house, just like a party in someone’s living room… but on the water.
  • Many people leave their curtains open, so people walking down the street can see right into their home. It’s not uncommon to see people going about their lives, including moments that others might consider private, when looking thru windows. It’s considered impolite to look thru windows at these times, however.

As for his Web site, Hall told The Age that it was harder to find outdoorsy, sun-tanned girls or good natural light and outdoor shooting space in Holland, which is why he continues to do much of his work with models in Australia.

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