Here are 6 jobs you may not have known you could do from home

Turns out you don’t have to be a freelance writer or a graphic designer to work from the comfort of your couch.

“One of the most surprising aspects of telecommuting jobs is that they’re offered by a huge variety of industries,” explains Sara Sutton Fell, CEO of FlexJobs.

“Job seekers who want to work from home should definitely be on the lookout for possibilities, whatever their career field. As the number of people who telecommute continues to grow, so do the types of opportunities. With a little research, it’s possible to uncover jobs you might never have known existed.”

FlexJobs, an online service specializing in telecommuting and remote work, compiled a list of 6 surprising jobs you can do from home. Some allow professionals to work remotely 100% of the time, while others provide the opportunity for occasional telecommuting:

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