Surprise! Yahoo Outperforming Google


Remember November?  When every analyst on Wall Street had given up on Yahoo (YHOO) and the nabobs were certain that the stock was headed straight to $6?  Bet you’re glad you didn’t listen to those people.

Because now Yahoo’s up almost 50% off its low.

And how’s Google doing, the stock that all of Wall Street still loves, despite the fact that most price targets and estimates continue to be slashed?

It’s only up 40%!

Which means that Yahoo’s outperforming Google.

And how does the future look?

Well here’s one way to think about it.  The odds that Yahoo will triple in the next three years ($35-$40) are probably higher than the odds that Google will triple ($1,100).

Why?  Because what Yahoo has to do to triple is fix its existing products and business and get headed in the right direction again.  What Google has to do is find another product that can reaccelerate the growth of on its $20+ billion business.  That’s a tall order.

Which isn’t to say the rock-of-Gibraltar Google isn’t a fine place to have your money during this economic sh**storm.