Surprise! Time Magazine Editor Thinks There's a Future In Long Form Journalism

Nancy Gibbs, Time Magazine’s Editor-At-Large and contributor, has been drinking the “print is not in danger” Kool-Aid. Anyone who loves magazines will love what she has to say.

In a sit-down with CBS News’ Katie Couric, Gibbs espouses the benefits that technology, including e-readers, can bring to readers and long form journalism.

“I think there promises to be a renaissance of the kind of serious investment journalism storytelling that we all love to do,” says Gibbs.

Couric asks how journalists who are going to toil in investigative journalism will be paid if no one wants to pay for online news.

Gibbs: “At a time when so many news organisations have been shutting down their bureaus and curtailing their newsgathering, we’re getting to a point where there are likely fewer and fewer sources of reliable, authoritative news. Therefore the premium people may be willing to pay for those goes up.”

So in the future, the print industry will survive through the technology boom and readers will pay for news. We’ll just have to wait and see about that.

Watch the full interview:

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